Sometimes people with existing partial dentures will lose more natural teeth and would like to have the gap filled by adding onto the denture. This is often possible, but can require some planning and discussion between us and your dentist. 

Where the tooth has already been removed, a denture tooth can be added onto the denture to fill the gap once healing has taken place. If your dentist is planning to remove the tooth it is also possible to add the tooth onto the denture beforehand and the denture placed back in the mouth straight after the extraction - this is called an immediate addition. An immediate addition requires  planning in advance and discussion between the client, clinical dental technician, and dentist to arrange a time that suits everyone. After a period of time, the gums around the area where the tooth was removed will shrink back and often the denture will become loose in this area. This is to be expected and a reline of the fitting surface can help get a good fit again.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we can help decide if a tooth addition is right for you.